IUIE Training Opportunities
For training on using the IUIE application:
An online tutorial overview is available by clicking the Tutorial option in the upper-right corner of the IUIE, or by clicking on this link: Online Tutorial
Also there is a more in-depth training manual, suitable for a classroom setting, found within the "IUIE" folder in the Master Catalog, labeled "IUIE Training Manual".
UITS IT Training & Education offers "Excel: Formatting & Analyzing IUIE Data" STEPS computing workshop.
Participants will learn how to apply features of Microsoft Excel 2010 to data similar to that used within the IUIE, focusing on issues like how to format text and numeric data to resolve leading zeros, numbers listed in exponential format and other formatting problems; use advanced functions; lookup and retrieve related data from other spreadsheets; sort and filter data; automate work using macros; and analyze data using Subtotals and PivotTables.
NOTE: UITS IT Training & Education will also be offering "Excel: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables", a focused look at pivot tables, their functionality, and uses. Read more, and find workshop times here: http://ittraining.iu.edu/workshops/schedule_by_group.aspx?group=3

For workshop Times/Dates, please see the IT Training workshop site, IT Training.

Questions? Contact IT Training!
Bloomington: ittraining@indiana.edu; 812-855-7383
Indianapolis: ittraining@iupui.edu; 317-274-7383

For training on the data available from the report objects found in the IUIE:
Financial-related report objects: FMS Help Desk
Student-related report objects: SIS Help Desk
Report objects for other areas: Contact the appropriate office/help desk. If you are unsure what the appropriate area is, email theIUIE Help Desk and we will direct you to the correct contact.
For more information about publishing:
You will find a variety of useful documents related to publishing in the "Developer/Publisher Info" subfolder of the "IUIE" folder in the Master Catalog. Two documents that are particularly useful for Information Providers are "Information Provider's Publishing Reference Guide" and "IUIE Publishing Class Guide".
IUIE User Groups (IUIE users helping each other):
IUIE Admissions Users Group: The Admissions Council/LIT group plans irregularly scheduled IUIE user sharing sessions where individuals help each other with Admissions-related IUIE questions and problems. The meetings are not intended to be training sessions and at this time, the focus of these meetings will be on Admissions IUIE functionality, not other student-related functional areas. It is not a user group in the true sense of the term "user group" but rather a loose collection of people that come together periodically in conjunction with an Admissions Council/LIT meeting. One meeting of the IUIE Admissions User Group has already taken place and there are tentative plans to meet quarterly. Please contact the SIS Help Desk if you are interested in finding out when and where the next meeting will be held.